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I have no evidence of any scamming but what i have discovered is that the following three web sites used an identical database of women (not sure about the men) and you get identical email messages.
They are :

So if you want to use them just pick the cheapest .

By: Stuart Lamb

Author: Anonymous

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Date added: Thursday 06 September 2012

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I did experience the same nightmare with these clowns.Signed up for 3 days got rebilled without even knowing it.Trial period is there for a customer to decide if I want to carry on using the service or not and not up to them.never again going to get tricked into something like this

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 25 April 2013 01:40:00
i don't know if it's real or fake, but this is what i did learn of the site...

There is a 3 day trial for £1.99, and then when that expires it automatically starts charging you and goes on to £40 for 30 days... pretty normal for these sites, that's how they get you to some degree, so i'm not surprised.

But if you look in the terms and conditions, it actually suggests that you have to allow 72hrs for the cancellation of the service to be dealt with by admin... which means, if i'm not mistaken, you would start your 3 day trial and then have to cancel that very second so that it didn't roll on to the full payment???

"If you do not want to continue to use the site you can cancel the automatic billing any time before the payment collection date, allowing at least 72 hours for any administrative processing to occur. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please call our customer care team on our Freephone telephone number before your renewal date. Please find the cancellation details by clicking on the "Membership Page" under the "Account" link. In any event we will not provide a refund for any unused amounts of membership fees paid."

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 17 April 2013 07:58:00
I've had contact with a couple of women from this website. Admittedly i've only met up with one but there was another who I had exchanged pics with (via email - offsite) who was interested but I fell out of contact because the first girl I met on there was actually hot.

And the funny thing was she didn't have a face pic on her profile. I was expecting to meet someone totally unsuitable, have a couple of drinks, say thanks but no thanks and then leave.

The women all put pics of their ass or boobs up but don't make the mistake of talking dirty in your first email. They put that stuff up but complain when guys write them emails commenting on how great theire tits are lol. Women.

Despite my apparent success I reckon i've had maybe 50 knock backs. Most of them ignored me altogether. Most of the profiles on there have been dormant for months and there are a lot of 'messages' from women that are sent by admin.
The girls always complain and say that they haven't sent any messages so its a blatant scam. Especially seeing as you cant read the messages without paying up...

I got lucky when I signed up, but these places are meat markets for women and average girls get above average men by virtue of the fact that odds are stacked in their favour.

Unless you're a good looking guy with a 6 pack don't expect to reel in the honeys. And if you are expect a few winks from women't exactly lookers. Which, despite the abundance of cleavage on display, accounts for most of them.

User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Friday 14 December 2012 05:23:00

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