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Mums Date Dads 40+ scam

Mums Date Dads 40+ scam

"I deal in the sales and marketing of precious stones and currently working on my new jewelry shop ..."
sent me in his first email 3 photos of him & his son , on the website he says he is 54 - on the photo he looks 35-38 max.

His email
Mr.John Davis

His profile:

I can be packed in 15 minutes - where do you want to go? Life's an adventure and the list of places I want to see is getting longer and longer.

A relationship needs chemistry and fireworks, and a couple needs to be best friends, each giving a hundred percent to the other - the focus of everything is the relationship. Life's all about balance. Balance between work and play, giving

and receiving, strength and surrender, the physical and the spiritual. I know what I want and I want to be in a committed relationship.

I'm ethical, very loyal, patient, and protective of my friends and those I love. I'm a nice guy, easy going, and funny (...funny as in 'ha-ha' - lol). I'm secure and established. There are parts of me out there on the edge, too. I'm constantly growing and evolving. OK, there's just a tiny bit of a bad boy in me, but it's in a good way (...we'll talk later, if we hit it off - lol). My pics are what I really look like.

The person for me is curious, playful, secure in herself, and I know this sounds old fashioned, but the person for me is someone who is looking for her knight in shining armor. It would also be nice if she had a high tolerance for heartburn, since I cook a lot. :o
By: Izabela Sowula

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Hi - I'm looking into internet dating for Channel 4 News - saw your post and wondered if you might be able to get in touch? I'm at or 07717 878 711. Geoff.

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