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Date - Christian scam

Date - Christian scam

A relatively new free site. Sent messages to several ladies only 2 responded. 1 was a gorgeous 28yr old called Lisa Johnson. I asked why she was interested in me. She said she was a good christian and age or finance did not matter. She claimed that I was the one for her after I answered a lot of questions she sent to me and also she answered the same questions. On Valentines day she sent me an email saying she was crying because she did not have enough fare to get back from the Philipines where she had gone to sort out her mother's affairs after she passed away approx 3 weeks ago. She was the victim of card

fraud and would not be able to access her mums estate before returning to England. This was after we had been communicating for over a week. I sent her £600 to pay the remainder of her fare which she promised to repay upon her return to England on the 18th Feb 2012. I have previously had young ladies contact me saying they wanted me but whenever I asked them why they were interested in me communication would cease. Although I thought she was scamming me She swore on the grave of her dead parents and before God that she was telling the truth. She then came up with a need for £3200 for "Travel Allowance" on the 18th. I told her I had no more money. I googled "Travel Allowance" and found out it was phased out by most if not all countries 30 - 40 years ago! I told her to forget it I would not be sending her anymore money and to be satisfied with the £600 she received from me and find another mug. She became very indignant and ranted on about being a good christian. I like a fool gave in after she supplied me with what I now Know as a fictious address and sent her all my money £1500 by Wed 22nd Feb 2012 when she said she would be returning and would immediately repay me. After I sent her the money yesterday morning I have heard nothing more from her and she does not respond to my emails. I am devasted by my stupidity because I relented due to her swearing upon herdea

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Date added: Friday 24 February 2012

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