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Everybody out there, please be aware this guy is using, and more recently

The two phone numbers he tends to use are 07905117311 and 07581197536.

Hi sclaims relating to his qualifications, background etc are all fake and lives on housing benefit while claiming ot be a properyu tycoon, barrister, legal assistant etc etc etc.

He is quite persuasive and persistent in his sexual advances and is ready to visit his victims at their private residences late at night for sexual gratification. He works with many women at a time and sometimes waits for months before attacking.
By: Sangita

Author: Anonymous

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Date added: Sunday 15 January 2012

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Date added: Thursday 31 October 2013 06:45:00
Hi Anon, Sara and Sangita
I think I know this man. Barrister, lots of houses, several cars, all a bit flaky. Description= good looking arab about 5'8. I have photo's. Sangita, you state that he waits several months to attack. What do you mean by attack? And how did you uncover his lies?
I'd be grateful for any information and I maybe able to help you.
Contact me on

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Date added: Thursday 25 July 2013 15:14:00
ali khan has scammed money from me too

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Date added: Friday 26 April 2013 05:28:00
he dont work he live london i no one man

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Date added: Friday 26 April 2013 05:26:00
ali khan living in manchester he is not in works from Belgium and the netherlands

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Date added: Friday 26 April 2013 05:19:00
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