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BeNaughty, UpForIt scam

BeNaughty, UpForIt scam

Multiple charges of 24.99GBP (with intl trancation fees on top) debited from my account after cancellation of service.
Please help me recuperate my money!!

Many thanks

Daniel MackayBy: Dan Mackay

Author: Anonymous

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Date added: Thursday 12 May 2011

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[...] One user reports wickedwives could have elements of a dating website scam, see comment by Phil on November 29, 2012 at 10:59 pm, here. [...]

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Friday 30 November 2012 05:58:00
Hi Guys
I feel such a d*ck as i fell for this scam , i joined wicked wives used my free message and was replied to 2 lines was all they type no more they wouldnt give me alternative contact details , so i saw the same woman on upforit and paid via 1 of the virtual visa cards u can load with a certain amount, I saw the woman online mailed her endless times etc no response this peed me off big time .

But i sussed out if u keep setting up new accounts u get 1 free message which surprise surprise was replied too , now this wasnt some airbrushed model or anything like that , just a normal good looking woman , my these basts are coining it in with mugs like me .

There are some genuine women on there as 1 lives 2 miles from me i saw her were she works .

S0 these 20 message packs you have to buy


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Date added: Friday 30 November 2012 04:59:00
I think we should all go down there and smash up their offices for ripping people off........

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Date added: Friday 16 March 2012 18:41:00
I have been surfing complaint sites for over an hour(haven't seen 1/10 of them). I don't understand why there isn't more class action suits. Lawyers should be jumping all over this situation. This is much deeper than most of us think.

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Date added: Friday 09 March 2012 07:05:00
Just a word of caution, Joined Be Naughty but not as a paying member. There were 5 nice looking (SEXY & HOT)women in San Angelo (where I am) who sent me winks, messages, and/or flirts. Since I was not a paid member I could only respond with a "Wink" and/or "IceBreaker" to which they all responded.

I waited a few weeks then joined for ONE month (about $35.00 + $10.00 so nonmembers could write me. Before I joined 2 of the 5 had standing "Text Chats" waiting for me. As soon as I joined I tried to Text Chat with those 2 plus the other 3. All 5 were On Line. NOT ONE replied.

I sent text messages to the 5 women in San Angelo. Only ONE replied and she said "I just wanted to say Hi." I broadened my search to include San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and etcetera. I sent winks & text messages. There were NO responses,

This is one more site that uses paid girls or Computer Generated "women" to get you to join then drops all pertinences when they have your money. CAVEAT EMPTOR. It is a site dedicated to scamming you for your money. Nothing more. SAVE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT JOIN.


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Date added: Monday 06 February 2012 13:38:00
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