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The site is so far out-of-date with copyright saying 2006 in most places and 2010 in others

Many of the features don't work and if you add someone as a favourite then you can get through the blocks

Messenger rarely works, the site is written in out-of-date classic asp by a useless idiot, Jeff who has no idea whatsoever in writing css. View the source and look at the style sheets which are full of bloated, buggy code together with table formats that don't display in some browsers. The site emails you whenever it likes but you may of had the message 4 days earlier. Most of the time you receive a site message but are never notified. The photo bugs are

plenty, database bugs too. Report an issue and months later it's still there along with many new bugs. Things like managing pics have most links there but if you wish to delete the pics you have to do a site search to go to a menu item that takes you to a page which has another link on it which takes you to a page to be able to delete the pics instead of adding the link on the manage pics page. If you copy/paste a username into the site search it doesn't find anything also, you have to click logout or the site will say you're logged in for 1.5 hours after you closed your browser. Just shows the site developer has no idea when it comes to active sessions. Lastly, there are so many Google ads all over the site that you can easily click on one by mistake. The site charge you £3/month to remove the advertising when you can just add the Google adverttising URL's to the HOSTS file (C:windowssystem32driversetc) which will remove those adds from smooch and all the other sites.

There are many dating scammers on the site, robots too. Some of the profiles are genuine and you see the same pics, usernames and so on like you do in or Plenty of Fish.

In all, stay away from this site and go to hxxp:// instead because it's functionalBy: Gordon

Author: Anonymous

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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Thursday 24 March 2011

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I did find this man whose picture appeared like a model I had seen somewhere in an American magazine. He namesd himself Frank Benjamin. He said he lived in Oldham Uk, but when I asked about meeting in our first date, he was quick to say he was not in the UK at that time, but that he was in West Africa chasing his late father's money and trying to find a buyer for his dad's company. At first it sounded a bit true but things got funny when he addressed me as darling, sweetheart, honey. I said why address me like that when we ve never met, he said he loved me. Well that was strange, then he told me he was the only child, all his relatives lived in Australia.
I then asked him of his post code in Oldham, he had no idea of what that meant....that was a catch. He asked for my number, I asked for his first, he gave me Nigerian number, he sounded like a meerkat!!!
Things got worse, he said he had his wallet stollen and he needed cash to settle the hotel bills, I said he could ask his friends here in Uk to send some money to him, he said he had no friends. Then I asked him to give me his bank details so I could deposit the money here so he could cash the money there( I knew he was telling lies) he said he lost all his bank cards.
I now told him to stop contacting me and knew he was a scammer. He said I was very stupid and time waster.
So ladies careful on theses sites.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Tuesday 16 May 2017 02:17:44
This site is still good and free but recently I have found out it has been bought out by Global Personals LTD so be careful. It probably explains the amount of adverts asking me to join multiple dating sites owned by global personals. I recommend that you do not sign up to the paysites they offer and stick to this site whilst it is free.


User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Tuesday 06 November 2012 04:59:00
On the whole I think most of the users are genuine but there definately are scammers. As I am a male mine are generally women with gorgeous pictures normally in their early 30's and say they ae looking for a soul mate. But they give it away when they say they are living in Ghana. (why Ghana?) and have lost their mother or father and living with their old Grandma. Obviously the pictures are fake and stolen from the various models and such like they can copy from. You usually find the same pictures turning up.
So gentlemen beware! Use your common sense and NEVER send money.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Friday 30 March 2012 20:21:00
I would like to say that I do not wished my past 4 weeks experience here on Smooch to be an enjoyable one, but it was not their fault! There are a lot of scammers about trying their hardest to decieve women for money. They managed to get detailed profiles of people( God knows how they did it!) and knew their lives so completely. The photos were also another thing!! I had a black male responging to me when I rang him. Asked why he did that, his reply was that it is easier to get a woman if he was portrayed as white. These men are a disgrace and ruin the dating site for us all who genuinely is looking for that special person. I am glad to say Jeff has responded to me and I really hope that he has blocked these people for good. But I am sure they will find another way through the system. These men also managed to claim that they are living in the UK and is able to give me the full address and postcode. As we live here in UK the thing they forgot is that we are able to locate and check them out. So please beware when they say that they are working overseas................check before you divuldge any info to them...and yes, as they are SCAMMERS!!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 08 February 2012 20:53:00
Leaving the technical problems aside, i've registered with loads of dating sites since seperating with my ex-wife, but out of all the sites that i've registered, both free and paid, i have to say that Smooch is the best i've come across, i'm not saying that there aren't dodgy profiles on there but it is the site that i've had the most happiness with using, namely because most women on there are genuine, the site (i've found) is easy to use, and it's free. No, i don't work for them by the way!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 01 February 2012 05:57:00
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