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Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish ( is well-known to host thousands of fake profiles. Report one and you'll be deleted. Markus uses them to gain more revenue from Google Adsense

Some small places have only a few homes yet join and see many gorgeous women join who are from the exact same location even though you may know everyone in the village all these people move tere

Search Google and see for yourself as it's well documented. Here's just one:

hxxp:// Jeff

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User Rating: 2/5
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Date added: Thursday 24 March 2011

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jonypony232 59 ON pof dating, he said he's name was JAMES SMITH from Elgin scotland email address phone number 233502281308 ....Vodafone
work as a offshore oil drilling engineer ... he is still on POF dating site , I have told POF 2x about him not took him off site JONYPONY232
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Date added: Wednesday 12 July 2017 01:29:45
I have visited this site over the years, more for curiosity more than anything else. Many fake female profiles are on there, , men posing as women and work for Pof to increase membership.

Over the years I have seen the same pictures of the same women who must now be around 50 lol, but still advertise the same age with same pics.

If you want to chat with many shemen then this is the site for you.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Friday 13 May 2016 06:13:38
I have joined this website and it keeps telling me to upgrade, ie Pay to see local contacts and be seen myself more so how can it be free?

User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Friday 01 March 2013 07:48:00
The site POF(plenty of fish) has people on there who are fake, they say they have these medical problems so you meet them near there home, or to send money to them so they can come closer, you meet them and they look nothing like the picture on there profile.

By Amy (Moved by Admin due to wrong section posted)

User Rating: 5/5

Date added: Tuesday 29 January 2013 03:43:00
Yeah it is a good free dating site. Good for fun. Pity most of the women have either just split up with someone, 3 weeks pregnant, confused or just mental! There are decent people on there though.

User Rating: 5/5

Date added: Saturday 05 January 2013 01:35:00
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