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Cupid plc (formerly Easydate plc)
Cupid plc is an Online Dating Service Provider based in Edinburgh, UK.
Interestingly Cupid plc seem to be a partner with another well known complained about rogue dating site provider known as white label dating.

These companies or individuals run a massive chain of websites that have been setup by people like you or me, anyone can open a website with them and share their database of users, except is seems even the Cupid PLC dating site scheme is a scam!

So even if you join their online dating scheme and setup a site at the cupidplc website, according to their terms & conditions upon the cupid plc signup page, they can terminate your website for any reason they

see fit and charge you an undisclosed termination fee if they feel like it and keep any payment due to you!

Also if your dating site does not reach a status of 100 members in 6 months, they will also terminate your account and may charge you a fee plus keep any money owed to you for themselves!

Taken from their website: (oh notice the typo in the title!)

15.1 This agreement is effective upon approval of application to the Cupid White Label Dating Network. This agreement may be terminated by either party with 2 months written notice.

15.2 Cupid reserves the right to terminate this agreement, when:

You have breached our terms and conditions
You have been convicted of a criminal offence
Your dating site has attracted less than 100 registrations (free sign ups) during its first 6 months, from the moment the site went live.

15.3 If Cupid terminates your agreement, Cupid may decide not to grant any pending payments and may also apply a termination charge at Cupid's own discretion. Failure to cover this termination charge can result in legal action.

15.4 All content on partner websites including domain and sub-dom

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Date added: Thursday 17 March 2011

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As a free member you WILL get lots of messages and chat requests. Its when you pay for a membership that everything dries up! Its all BS. As an experienced programmer in dating site scripts, I know they DO use bots to automatically scan for compatable suiters and initiate a message/chat. This only happens on non-paying members. There is a very easy way to check for bots. Register as a free member, fill out your profile as normal BUT in your description clearly put "I ONLY REPLY TO MESSAGES & CHAT REQUESTS THAT START WITH THE KEYWORD ABC123" see how many messages you receive will do this... none!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 01 November 2012 00:54:00
Signed up on one of Cupid's scam sites a few months ago (Mature Dating). It was utter tosh with tons of fake profiles. Cancelled my monthly membership almost immediately (wasn't aware it was set up as a repeat billing charge on my PayPal). I had also subscribed to two additional features so that I could at least use the site properly. I wasn't aware that these add-ons to the main membership were also set up separately on repeat billing.

So, my month of membership ended and a few weeks after that I noticed that I had two payments taken from my PayPal account by Cupid Plc. I called Cupid Plc and spoke to an Eastern European woman who was clearly not in the UK. She assured me that the money would be refunded. I lodged a dispute in PayPal for both charges. Nothing happened for a few days so I escalated the dispute in PayPal. Several hours later I was informed by PayPal that I would be refunded.

So, be careful out there with Cupid Plc. These rogues also signed me up on one of their rubbish sites called Loopylove WITHOUT asking me. Worse still, I couldn't log on to Loopylove to remove my profile!

The cancellation of repeat billing is very well hidden in your account information on the Cupid Plc sites. And ccancelling that repeat billing only appears to cancel your main membership billing and not the repeat billing of any add-ons. So, Cupid Plc will still take money from you even if you've cancelled your main membership and, therefore, cannot make use of the add-ons. Also, I couldn't find any way of cancelling the repeat billing of the add-ons from Mature Dating. I had to call them up to get the add-ons repeat billing cancelled. Just to make sure, I also cancelled the repeat billing in my PayPal account.

If I ever sign up on a dating site, i'll make 100% sure that it's not owned by Cupid Plc.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 11 August 2012 00:38:00
I agree, anything to do with Cupid.plc is nothing but a scam. I signed up for the trial membership, ($6.97), for 3 days, I cancelled it 2 days into the trial but guess what, they went ahead and charged me for a month, ($39.99), and when I complained they refunded the $6.97. I said I wanted the month charge back, they could keep the $6.97. They said they would, then turned around and said "you checked your email after the trial" so you knew the system was active, so you get charged. WHAT a BUNCH OF CRAP. Needless to say I've opened a dispute with Paypal, hopefully they can get something done. What I found on their site was the same as everyone else. TONS of fake profiles, and messages from profiles that didn't have any pictures, (a LOT of those). This Cupid.plc is nothing but a bunch of low life scam artists that need to be shut down. Like others, I wrote to ones that wrote me initially and guess what. Never got a reply from ANY of them. They really are pieces of crap. What can be done about them though? (other than not ever joining them). What I'm saying is, if a person doesn't research them before joining, how are they to know it's nothing but a scam? I would think with all the fake profiles they have, (and the fake messages they send), that there has to be some sort of violation they have committed in some way?

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 09 August 2012 08:26:00
they will rip you off.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 05 May 2012 15:31:00
Another Cupid moan here about their Loopylove site: this is the first time in my life that i've ever properly complained about anything but i think that my complaint of the service Loopylove is justified.

I've registered with scores of dating websites after clearing up the fallout after a messy seperation with my ex-wife, i wasn't expecting a lot of success, older and wiser and all that, and i'm in my 30's and look like a potato wearing a rugby shirt and jeans, it's fair to say that i'm not the world's best looking guy.

So i wasn't expecting much response, i hadn't dated for years and was dreading the prospect.

And Loopylove does not help matters either. I'm not the worlds brightest guy but even i knew something was amiss when i kept getting messages from pretty young things as soon as i joined, because i know they would never look at me in a million years, despite what my Mum says lol!

And if that wasn't enough, i have replied to women who i know i could click with, just normal girls but no response at all, and it's as if Loopylove is not telling these people that a message has been sent, or they're just bored with all the crap e-mails that Cupid send them once they've joined Loopylove and find that they've become a unintentional member of every Cupid website from BeNaughty to (ok, i made that one up....)

Or, like the other day when i recieved a message via Loopylove from someone who was just a plain, average girl and not a supermodel, so i pay for trial membership, and.... she's apparently saying hello to me but according to site records has never seen my profile, money well wasted there then.

Another thing i've never been able to understand is why you have to ring them to cancel membership, and furthermore, after the end of the five three day trials that i've had, i get to speak to EXACTLY the same Eastern European girl to cancel my membership, no matter what time of the day or night that i ring, she must sleep at the call centre i guess. At least i could cancel it as i've read stories of people finding it very hard to cancel membership, although they could just be stories.

I messaged someone i was really, really, really interested in the other day on Loopylove, i only hope she can log back in and reply, or hasn't deleted it...

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 01 February 2012 06:20:00
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