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Global Personals Ltd aka White Label Dating

Global Personals Ltd aka White Label Dating

Global Personals Ltd aka White Label Dating
My friend and I have discovered that most of the online dating websites are operated by Global Personals Ltd (Google them and you'll realise how much they're making). If you sign up to one of their sites they pass the information on to other sites of theirs and then you receive emails saying that you've had a message from somebody using this other website. If you then follow the link you're asked to enrol before being able to reply. We consider this illegal and are currently investigating them and may well release the scam to the national press.
Global Personals Ltd is also known as White Label Dating
By: Giles

Global Personals Ltd which own White

Label Dating is a scam, just google "white label dating" Many other people have experienced the same problems and have been scammed, lets stop these unscrupulous people.

Avoid all websites owned by these people, look at their terms and conditions for "white label dating" or "Global Personals Ltd" and if found, then avoid!

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Date added: Wednesday 16 March 2011

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This was aired in November 2012 on Channel 4, thanks to this website and other review sites, see the video about Global Personals here:

User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Saturday 31 October 2015 19:33:18
I have read all the stories they think we are stupid all they are is a bunch of cfkn scammers the UK government should close their offices they are stealing peoples money

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 22 November 2012 12:43:00
Hi - I'm looking into internet dating for a piece for Channel 4 News - am interested to hear people's experiences - do get in touch:

User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Friday 07 September 2012 02:16:00
I too am tired of payents from my account over the last 12 months. I have tried all ways of contacting them to solve this, to no avail, even changed my bankers card twice, but still taking payments.
Has anyone any idea how to stop these illegal transactions.
My fault of course, but as soon as I realised they were sill taking payments, have been trying ever since to cancel, by phone, e.mail etc.
No success

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Date added: Wednesday 29 August 2012 08:39:00
I am sick and tired to receive the same massage every time over and over, I am a very attractive guy and woman told me that so I decide what do I have to lose to join I side like Flirt Naughty (SA)and biggest disappointment is as soon a lady advertise you get the same massage over and over. What a scam yes that’s ride, stay away from this kind of sides you waste your money gentleman because woman don’t pay a cent at all. The only interested in your naked pictures because they are 95% lesbian or looking for web fun. The choice is yours but remember they also get a commission tip from your money when they invite you to this side so be carefully for this kind of scams as well and all our man must just not register on this kind of sides at all!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the massage you received when you mail this hot horny woman?

Unfortunately .......... has controlled who they wish to receive messages from by setting their inbox filters. Because .......... has done this they have chosen not to view your message.

Inbox filtering is a way of controlling which messages arrive in your inbox and is available to all members. Simply define by age, location or whether or not they have a profile picture and you too can control which emails you receive.

In the meantime it's worth remembering that the rules of attraction are often hard to predict, so we suggest you keep looking.

Good luck and remember my words you will not hook up with them!!!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 24 March 2012 01:16:00
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