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I'm told is a scam. Is the website shagaholic real. Please share your experiences.

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Date added: Sunday 13 March 2011

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Sure robin. I'm
Been studying these sites for a while, paid a little money as I soon figured out that most sites are scammers.

Get in touch. Will be glad to help


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Date added: Sunday 28 October 2012 01:45:00
Would anyone be prepared to supply a quote or two/be interviewed for an article on scam dating sites?

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Date added: Thursday 18 October 2012 14:05:00
Hi , got stung by this site too. 3 day trial .paid with debit card only $20 stays in the account for purposes like this . Heaps of views , emails ect straight away , most obvious fakes. Actually got to chat to 1 person , tried to get me to apply for CRF ID , whaTever that is. Went through cancelation procedure & rang phone no.
1800226191 , with id no. from cancelation procedure. call went thru to call centre quickly , agreed to cancel , no hard sell & sent confirmation email in minutes. Lesson learnt.

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Date added: Thursday 04 October 2012 17:51:00
There are some genuine profiles on there if you are prepared to wade through the minefield of bs described above.

I met a reasonably shaggable girl mid 20s who wanted to meet for sex there and then, so we did! Maybe the first and last though.

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Date added: Monday 01 October 2012 23:24:00
Sadly you are all correct. Shagaholic and (another scamster site similar to Shagaholic) At first I was very tempted to go for the 3 day "trial period". However, after reading all your comments, there's NO WAY I'd give these charloton's one red cent. I've also read other sources on the net about these people. Most of these woman are fake's. The very few that may be for real are not worth all the headaches it takes going thru. These effin people operating out of Cypress are nothing but fraud's and scam artits. THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. What self respecting woman would put herself on a site like this? Thanks again for all your comments, I didn't pay them one cent and never will. Best of luck to all of u that paid your hard earned money. Remember what the BBB says "investigate before you invest" buyer beware! KEEP UR MONEY STAY AWAY FROM SHAGAHOLIC AND XPRESS.COM. I BELIEVE THEY'RE OPERATED BY THE SAME THIEVES IN CYPRESS. THEY'RE BILKING GUYS OF LORD KNOWS HOW MANY MILLIONS OF $$$$$. FINAL WORD'S STAY AWAY, KEEP UR HARD EARNED MONEY. Want something real? Try These are real people whom I've met up with and actually gotten laid:)

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 16 September 2012 22:05:00
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