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I'm told is a scam. Is the website shagaholic real. Please share your experiences.

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Date added: Sunday 13 March 2011

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Thought I would test your theory out, set up profile 150 hits in less than a hour made a note of all the girls who wanted to chat, and looked for them on Milfberry which is all so another scam site, found the same girls contacted them and guess what no answer from them, then one popped up with a picture of my ex, so contacted her and asked her if she were on line, she said no so, but both sites are run by the same company, I phoned my credit card company and told them, that I had lost my card so they canceled it, even though I had clicked the cancel for repeat billing it were on on the three days later, and I had a notification to say my card had been rejected.
So I believe all the comments written on here one big rip off

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Date added: Tuesday 09 July 2013 16:17:00
I could nt get through to cancel account, told bark to stop further payments and emailed Shagaholics complaints department my email and log in details. That l could not get through to cancel and to accept this as notification Of cancelation of my account, and that my bank are now looking into the legalities Of there site and what is known as entrapment. also i said they have 7 days to acnowledge my email for cancelation OF my account which is a resonable amount of time to deal with this issue.

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Date added: Sunday 16 June 2013 06:18:00
I joined as a trial membership, within minutes 2 women, supposedly from UK and local to me, wanted to chat, but you have to pay membership. Strange think is that both women are pictured in front of houses with siding on, a US thing. Never seen a house with siding in the UK

So I'm guessing this is a scam - be careful

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Date added: Thursday 30 May 2013 18:02:00
Have to agree with everything that's been said.The site itself is in on it too plus the other sites that pop up for you to join.They're all affiliated and SHAGOHOLICS definitely has the most although other sites such as BE NAUGHTY have people doing exactly the same thing.I have some unbelievable stories,many of which I reported with the girls banned instantly and have copied conversations so I have proof as I'm making this a personal mission to get rid off these blood suckers.

Luckily I didm't lose anymore than$50 and I'll tell the best ways to join and cancel if you want to join in and expose these a/holes.Obviosly the pics aren't of whoever you talk to and all ask for dating id with wanting certain amounts of money sent to the Phillipenes in some dim him ling chums name who you've never met to do a background check.They simply can't get a background check done as quick as these supposed girls say.They say as soon as you give the mtcn number they're allowed to see you.How bloody ridiculous is that,what adult in this day and age needs anyone elses permission to see someone.I have so much information gathered and so much I can tell.Anything to do with the Phillipenes is a scam.I've aslo said if they ean a dating id from us we have the right to see theirs and some responses were amazing,others actually provided id without having to ask.I'd also been offered that I'd get a full refund which is bs as lets just say this is real whoever does background checks to ensure we're safe peple to meet is a business and wouldn't do it for nothing and returb your money.
To join and stop or cancel easily there;s an option to use your mobile and anytime you want it cancelled you send a text saying STOP to their number plus then when the girls assume you have a c/card you say no,they say well how'd you join and you say by mobile.Also put a tiny amount in a prepaid visa and use that if you want to that is.There's some legit people there although I've had encounters with 10 or more girls all wanting money sent through w/union and w/union needs 3 different types of id to send so just tell the girl you have no licence and then you're unable to do the w/union transfer online.Ask then questions nicely as they'll keep trying for a week and forget the answers to questions you asked first and tell you something different.Some claim to be from the US here on holiday yet their English is barely understandable either fiapino or some type of European.There's lots of young hot Russian GIRLS LOOKING TO COME HERE THEN THEY'LL JUST LEAVE EVEN IF THEY DO COME.

Someone asked about if someone wanted to volunteer for an interview ,well I'm up for it I have conversations copied for proof and I'm in a w/chair which i'D LIKE TO TAKE EVEN FURTHER TO TV,CURRENT AFFAIR FOR EXAMPLE TO EXPOSE THIS.

Imagine these people doing this to someone emotionally unstable and he gets ripped then doesn't see the girl he'd ben talking to for days and the will tell you all sorts but imagine what could go wrong,the guy may top himself,he may be so peed off at females and go take it out on some innocent girl.This is so wrong in so many ways.I don't know what they think but seems they think any male on these sites is some idiot with heaps of money and never been with a women.They'll start calling you babe or baby,hun,sweety etc and then 3 days later say they love you, now come of guys a girl,a nice on too who could choose who they wanted to be with tells a stranger they've never met they love you,what a joke.Anyway I will be back and have copied several conversations and I am making it a mission to expose these scams and put an end to them.Also remember the site and the persons username an report them,they'll be gone that day,no doubt coming back with a new photo and u/name.No scrupels careful guys cause it just aint gonna happen as they tell you it wiil..cheers and I'll be back...doing more detective wwork sucking them in and getting my owbn back,it's caused m so much stress and haven't even been able to sleep.I'm used to going out with stunners and it didn't make me think but then there were one stunner after another all wih almost the very same approach.I've found out they're sitting in a big room in phillipenes or somewhere similar and have been trained to do this.Some do have good writing but most looks like a 5 year olds writing.One actually felt so bad after i'd caught her ot she went from being on holidays from California over here and was a model coming to stay 5 days she ended up telling me her photo wasn't her and snt her real photo,all of which I have proof of.She was an ugly,not even slighty nice filapino girl who wanted 500 and at first it was 200 then she said but I'm coming for 5 days which was her offer ,I didn;'t ask that,then she got the details for w/union wrong assuming I had a licence to do it there and then online, so then she said it's $100 more as a flight risk to which I simply said I'm not paying more than the 200

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Date added: Wednesday 03 April 2013 04:43:00
site is a total scam, pictures on profiles appear to have been hacked or given them by another scam site ( don't know if they are related) they place these "pics and profiles" in small area a little removed from your location.. but I know this town and no way all these women from there sign up for this site...
they then send you " email" program couples bogus profiles with
tag line" intros like hey baby, etc..

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Monday 25 March 2013 19:29:00
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