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I'm told is a scam. Is the website shagaholic real. Please share your experiences.

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Date added: Sunday 13 March 2011

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I signed up a few days back and paid for 3 days, lots of girls interested in me because I'm so hot ;) It was nice, it was too good to be true. All the girls were pushing to have an id check done before we "meet up" so they know I'm a "safe guy". They were pretty keen to show me how to do it, so I suspect that is the aim of the game for them. Add to that one girl incorrectly described a local area which made me think it was all bs. Then I found this site and have now cancelled my account. I had to go through the 4-5 pages of crap and then call a number to cancel it. Only took 5 min on the phone, and they can keep my $20, well played your scamming bastard, well played.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Tuesday 19 June 2012 14:28:00
All the above are so correct!
Like many others, curiosity got the better of me, so I went for a 3 day trial & thought in less than 5 mins of being a full member, I'd done the right thing & not got any longer! However, thinking I could just cancel repeat billing easily was wishful thinking. After the tedious 4-5 pages of 'are you sure, really sure, really really sure you want to cancel' the last screen said 'now ring customer services to complete cancellation'.
So I did. Managed to get through on the 2nd attempt, then this operator kept trying to flank me cancelling by saying she would give me a months free VIP subscription and then I'd have to call back again, at the end of that, if I wanted to cancel. I couldn't have been more specific that I didn't want that, I just wanted to cancel - full stop, but it just was going in. So I said ok and hung up, waited 5 mins & rang back.
I got a different operator who did exactly what I wanted this time, and emailed the cancellation confirmation & it appeared on the websites my account as 'repeat billing cancelled'.
That was yesterday & the repeat billing would have renewed tomorrow. Not sure if I'll wait & see or call my card company & say I think I've compromised my card, please give me a new acc no.
All in all, the site was full of scamming non users, who tried to get my yahoo, msn or facebook ID so's to give me a link to their private show or whatever. I didn't take the bait as I saw straight through it.
Summery: Don't bother with this site or any other operated by Alcuda ltd. I'm sure the names of its websites have been mentioned above.

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Date added: Sunday 10 June 2012 13:41:00
Majority of profiles were empty and no photo's.
Photo's (where present) did not match with description (in one case an apparent 42 year old woman had a photo of a girl who could not have been any older than 18).
Also, geographically dispersed members all had profiles which appeared to be written by the same person.
Poor language skills and the same errors in grammar, spelling and sentence structure existed across so many users that it could not be coincidence.
No wonder no one received replies, I think the majority of "Members" are bots.
And, you have to telephone customer support to complete your account removal process!
How quaint.
Best avoided.

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Date added: Saturday 02 June 2012 08:13:00
I had some profiles of women come through and pics were blokes. There nothing but scum as far as im concerned

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Date added: Tuesday 01 May 2012 00:26:00
You lot are not wrong, a total rip off is shagaholic.I paid for 6 months,what a numpty.Doh.Going to my bank to see if i can get money back.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 04 April 2012 03:34:00
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