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I'm told is a scam. Is the website shagaholic real. Please share your experiences.

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Date added: Sunday 13 March 2011

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Shagaholic is a total scam and complete fraud by every standard possible and I say that after just 24 hours of membership- thankfully I was still dipping my toes in the water and had not yet paid them a penny.

Three weeks ago in the same day I joined both Shagaholic and then a few hours later a site called Quick Flirt. Alarm bells started to ring when I noticed that the interfaces were identical and so I did a quick look through and found the EXACT same people on both sites as 'possible partners' and then started getting messages from Management on BOTH sites asking me to update as people were 'interested in me and sending me messages'. On both sites the messages from Management were not only word for word but even had the same 'Management persona avatar!

Anyway I thought, I'll give it a day and just see if I'm being paranoid. The next day on shagaholic I had a message from MY OWN AVATAR ON QUICK FLIRT! MY OWN ACCOUNT. And there was management telling me that this hot guy in my area had sent me a message, and a wink, and had liked me and all I had to do was pay to upgrade my account to read a message I KNEW FOR A FACT DID NOT EXIST.

So I instantly decided to cancel both membership, remove profiles etc. Can't. They let you go so far and then say to add a code from a confirmation e-mail in order to close account/remove profile etc. That code never comes. So my photo, my account etc is still being used to get people to upgrade as they won't let me remove them. And as such I am still getting mail from them of all and sundry people winking and liking and sending me messages which I am NOT sending! Absolute scam. Steer clear of BOTH sites at all costs.

I'm just thankful that I noticed what was going on BEFORE upgrading.
Not rated!
Date added: Wednesday 11 September 2019 19:43:31
Shagaholic is a scam, stay away. Not rated!
Date added: Monday 01 April 2019 23:34:43
This is the biggest scam ever please do not spend your money on this site. Those women are there for one reason only to take your money and most of them do not exist all they keep asking is your bank details. Pleas do not go anywhere near this site. Im so upset with my self that some one took me for a ride. Usually im very careful not this time. Another thing do not give your card details there is no girls on this site try with a safer website. I hope this a lesson to all of us
Thank you

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Date added: Tuesday 12 April 2016 12:52:28
I am doing this as a public service. The general tone to the above comments is absolutely true. You get lured in by multiple emails from moderately attractive women then once you pay you get nothing but young extremely attractive women from Ghana, at least they have photos of extremely attractive women, anyway they want you to Instant Message on yahoo watch them masturbate then ask you for money for "Airtime" or to help their "Grandmum". Shagaholics is a scam.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 14 November 2013 21:43:00
(Sent in via contact form on behalf of Wary Dater.)

Your captcha is not working properly. The warning bells started going off for me when immediately after creating a profile I started to receive large numbers of apparent contact requests, all from women supposedly living in my own town. The problem is that my town is tiny however, and I would know enough of the women around here by sight that simple statistics would mean I would have to recognise at least some of them by their profile photos. So, just for curiosity, I launched a second unconnected profile stating a different town. Low and behold I was again inundated by contact requests - ALL FROM THE SAME WOMEN AS MY FIRST PROFILE, AND WHO HAD MAGICALLY MOVED TO MY "NEW" TOWN. Total scam - steer well clear and definitely don't pay them any money.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 12 October 2013 17:04:00
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