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I joined this site jan 2019 stupid man. I joined but not as a full member, and got a message from a stunning woman wanting to met three times. I checked wcam sites but this never came up so i joined. The offer was for £40 for life membership, no monthly payments. There were thousands of profiles in evrry county. But when you join you find there are no more than 10 live profiles in each area and most arent paid members. The woman never replued in 7 days, but i recognised he as i live in a village. She is a hairdresser with two children and a partner. Then i tried another woman she was 42,after 5 days she

said i was far too old, but before that a man messaged saying he wanted to crap on my chest and sit on it, yuk, yuk yuk. Not into men and a woman never he needs psychiatric help. The 42 yr old was the oldest in my area but there are literally hundreds if not thousands od dead profiles going from 1 week ago to TEN YEARA AGO. Then i found this was a scam site, it s clear to me the pictures either arent the people or are part of the scam. I sent a lengthy message to the woman who blocked me but she works in a supermarket in a large city ‘up north,’ abouve the north of i checked the net and found that Andrew Declan Harris born december 1968 of 62 Ascot Drive, port talbot started the site on 7th nov 2008 and at first it was legitimate apparently. If you put his name in the command line it will bring up articles sayin he appeared at burminghan crown court in january 2014 where he was accused of scamming £200, 000 from the users of the site He ran the wrbsite through a business called Zilet ltd from his home address and the judge a good man sent him to orison for 2 yrs, fined him £42,000 and made him oay £21,358 costs. This info is on the Wales online site 2014. He also set up three fake consumer websites saying how good the site was. However for 4 years he scammed people and those who were suspicious contacted trading standards officers in port talbot who investigate. After he was sent to prison his business Zilet according to companies house where it was a registered company, and the company was dissolved in january 2016. It seems to me however he’s at it again, the man is welsh but when you join this month your asked for a picture with a pie e of paper saying and that took you into the site to find few people on it. I realised it was a scam after about 9 days so sent an email be ause i was told i had no picture, they had removed it ss i wrote scam scam scam etc all over my profile. I said under uk law im entitles to a refund as the site is not providing a service, everyone is too young, profiles are obsolete and under uk law im entitled to a refund if i tell you im not satisfied with your service. I aslo said i would go see the woman in the picture and that i was scammed into joining by her. I said i would go to the supermarket and ask if the woman works there as shes wearing the uniform.i assume he’d copued pics from elsewhere then i said i was off to the poluce and trading standards to report him. He has not re registered under his own name at companies hohse. I got a message back cancelling my account then another message saying as i hadnt used the site i would get a refund. BUT IF I WANTED TO JOIN AGAIN I COULD....... the site has no rules and regulations, doesnt say who owns it so is a scam. I’ll see if i get my money back. Most married people may be too shy to confront the site due to our puctures that is what he played on. I was actually going to see the women one existed not sure about the other. So ill wait and see if i get the refund either he’s panicking because i found out or someone reputable has taken iver to return the money obtained by fraud.

Author: Stevie

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Date added: Saturday 12 January 2019

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