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I had been chatting to this lady supposedly from Totnes Devon , and after a week of over 80 messages stupidly spending a lot of money and I asked her to email or text.she said no , I put her photo into Google and she came on nine different sites owned by the same website, even one website called local milf , but she said she has no children

Author: Robert

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Date added: Sunday 22 April 2018

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Locaksextonight is a scam. Women supposedly send you a one line message and if you reply they will and another but if you tell them to text you or send an email they always refuse. It's just a way of getting you to spend money to send my messages and it's not cheap. Most women describe themselves as having a 30 18 30 figure but their photos look like they are huge. Give localsextonight a wide berth.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 07 March 2019 22:02:49
Presumably you think the site owners are the scammers then with fake profiles to get you to spend money? Not rated!
Date added: Thursday 21 June 2018 07:11:41

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