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MatureFreeand Single

MatureFreeand Single

Joined for 3 months at a cost of £17 but they took £104 for six months that galled me.
Site seems to be full of women who make first contact, you reply and first thing they ask for before getting to know you is your email address.
You never hear from them again but just get scam emails.
They have alot of women on their site with no profiles and even more repeated profiles to bump the site numbers up.
Also alot of women seem to have hangups and sterotype you like their previous encounters who might of been married men looking for sex so they are not happy people.
Site is forever sending you messages from sister site from women who want you but

first you have to join site at an extra cost......mostly from the no holds barred sex site.
And the ones who do make contact don't seem to read your profile and see what you are interested in only what you can do for them.
The site blocks your extra pictures but allows women to post pictures up.
They won;t let you say what you want so you can't be honest in your profile.
Pretty poor service.

Author: Dom

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Date added: Sunday 06 November 2016

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