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singles fifty

Hi this Singles Fifty site
is a complete scam ,. ALL THE WOMEN THAT HAVE CONTACTED ME WERE SCAMS,.Ive been deleted by the company who call them selves Global Personals for your bills and contact problems etc.
I complained to then and they said that they would put me back on etc , but so far I can not get back on with my profile info.. This site should be investigated and shut down ,.Its all a big con like most sites seem to be,.They said I'm back on but my profile is probably being used by a fraudster as they have said they can see I am back on the site ,, NOT

TRUE IM NOT BACK ON THE SITE .They are just set up to take honest peoples money and id s,.. There should be some sort of legal way of stopping these companys setting up under false pretence s... Ive had so called women who say they are in business with gold and gems and clothing materials etc. And have ALL BEEN FAKE......

Author: Pete Mortlock

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Date added: Monday 16 May 2016

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I have to say my experiences have been exactly the same as everybody else is on here I do feel it's a bit of a con and I'm not 100% sure that my profile is going out to everybody and anybody that contact me albeit the majority of contact have been people from either Eastern Europe who say they are in the UK looking for the ideal husband and have a menu of emails to send you regardless of whether you want them or not once you volunteer at your own email address which you presume is for developing a conversation and a relationship clearly this in the case so yes I do feel that I've been taken for a ride at this site

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 03 February 2018 14:02:21
Global Personals own 12,000 Dating Web Sites, they have been involved in Fraud. n November 2012, Channel 4 News revealed that the company had created a team of employees whose job was to create fake accounts for its network of websites.

User Rating: 2/5

Date added: Wednesday 25 May 2016 07:26:52

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