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Craigslist Scammers

Craigslist Scammers

Hi I've recently been putting up a few personal ads on Craigslist. Every time I do, I've been contacted via email by some beautiful women. However the catch is these women are not real, they are scammers impersonating these women. After a few emails (always templated, with photo attachments that get raunchier with each email, they ask you to visit a 'verification' website. These are fake dating websites set up to entice you into giving out your credit card details. They vary in name but the ones I came across are profilehookups and nsasafedating. Luckily I havnt been gullible enough to fall into the trap, although I'm sure many have otherwise surely they wouldn't bother wasting their time with these


I have my own way of dealing with the scammers, I waste their time by pretending to be someone called Brad Pitt. The funniest thing is they still communicate with you, I then once we've sent a few emails, ask THEM to verify themselves at

I usually still get replies completely ignoring what I've said (again they use templates, they don't have much intellect, they have simply purchased software to scam money) and after I finally tell them I'm an independent fraud deterrent who's located their IP and reported them to the authorities, well you never hear from them again!! Haha I'm sure the majority of people are aware of these scammers, I would love to actually be able to track them down and introduce myself as the person they've been contacting, video it, YouTube it, any ideas??

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Date added: Sunday 04 January 2015

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They sound like Nigerians, probably located in an internet cafe somewhere, just try Yahoo chatrooms for instance, it is full of them. Most free ad style sites like gumtree, vivastreet, craigslist etc are all the same, some are escorts and others are scammers.

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Date added: Saturday 14 November 2015 18:22:17

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