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Anastasia date

Anastasia date

Anastasia date
Despite having (a fraudulent) "anti scam" policy, this site is full of professional daters/chatters. Their standard response to complaints is to ban the user for very dubious infringements of their terms of service. No customer = no complaint! Anastasia are better at swamping the internet and you tube with fake anti scam videos because so many of their customers have made internet posts about the giant scam business.
How it works:
Anastasia sub contract to (mafia run) agencies in Ukraine which can be proved to offer rewards to girls to communicate. The pro daters fleece the men for everything they have and get extra rewards for enticing a date to Ukraine. Then if found out, claim no interest anymore. Anastasia

hide behind plausible deniability, that relationships don't work out and the men just have sour grapes. Considering over 94% of the women on this site are not genuine and just chat for money this site is a giant fraud. I was scammed out of $15000. Avoid!

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Date added: Thursday 04 December 2014

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