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Vida Consultancy Scam

Vida Consultancy Scam

I met Rachel MacLynn so called Vida Consultancy sometime in February, and as I live abroad and have no knowledge of England, I was a very easy target. I am overweight in my late 30s, single since forever, and when I arrived for a month in London I visited a few matchmaking agencies. Rachel bluntly lied to my face, that she has plenty of men who would be interested in me. Since February, I have not been introduced to a single person. Rachel also suggested I pay cash, so I avoid 20% VAT, I gave her the cash, now I am terrified thinking if I have committed the crime by not paying VAT? Rachel uses very smooth selling technique,

and she appears very sweet, but only once you join you realize what she did to you. I went to see Gray & Farrar before Rachel, and when I mentioned my visit to Rachel, she slugged them off arrogantly saying “they represent geriatric population of London”. I also visited Seventy Thirty, and I found out from Rachel how she worked there as she slugged them off too, saying how she had to leave as she disagreed with how they run the business! Naively, I paid Rachel and my miserable and humiliating journey started. Few weeks ago I was back in London, and I went to see Seventy Thirty again. Rachel made me believe how she has high standards, and I was left under the impression that she worked for the agency few months. To my horror, she worked for Seventy Thirty for over 4 ½ years while “disagreeing how the business was run”! I also discovered that she was a sales girl, nothing to do with matchmaking, and prior to that, she was a recruitment agent, another sales job. However, she told me and it is on her website how she first worked as business psychologist and how she has 8 years experience in matchmaking before she started her agency - basically replicating Seventy Thirty . Now I know it is all a big fantasy, and a big ***. Hopefully Gray & Farrar and Seventy Thirty will sue her for slander. I personally don’t need Rachel to take me for coffee

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Date added: Thursday 04 December 2014

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The nasty experience that I had with Vida Consultancy, led me to write one of the worst reviews I have ever written. In my search for one of the best life mates, and after being told that Vida Consultancy is the “only agency” to be able to help me, I registered.

However, everything seemed to go wrong from the very moment I joined and paid Rachel MacLynn’s dating agency. I could easily make out that most of the profiles were non-existent; Rachel created these profiles only to increase her business and show to people that Vida Consultancy had a large list of “members”. In addition, the people I met (who didn’t even pay a penny) of this agency seemed to have a not-so-serious approach towards finding life mates. They seemed interested in short-term dating and sex.

Two of the guys got drunk while on “date” with me. One even insulted me telling me “Who in their right mind would pay Vida Consultancy: it is the one man band, Rachel going around London from bar-to-bar begging people to tell her a bit about themselves, hilarious”. I was the silly one who paid her £5000! I actually feel more insulted now, when I read Rachel’s comments; perhaps her agency was not for us!!!

However, when you meet her, she tells you how she is actually the only one on the planet who can help you, and all other agencies are rubbish. Searching for life partner is a very serious affair; however, Vida Consultancy has made a mockery out of it. Rachel simply plays with the emotions of people looking for prospective partners to settle with in life. She should be ashamed of herself.

Rachel, imagine if this was to happen to your parents and their hard earned money. Anyone who has been traumatized by this agency should write reviews about the same so that people come to know about it.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 11 April 2019 07:45:46

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