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My Shagbook Experience.
Shagbook is a well advertised casual dating website and through personal experience I found it seemed to have very few real female users as I was bombarded with messages instantly by people constantly moving town and then disappearing.

Real female users do obviously exist on shagbook and I believe it is free at the time of writing this review for female users to reply to messages but the male has to pay to subscribe.
Shagbook review continued...
Fake automated profiles seem to be used on shagbook, this is purely speculation though... They seem to have used fake pictures and they message and spam you everyday to get you to sign up to premium status so you can message them

back, your email inbox is also spammed with constant notifications of people saying "Hi" even though you havent even uploaded a description or let alone a picture! (Thats surely not right when your male!)

These profiles also seem to constantly change county within hours of messaging you and often "close their account" shortly after messaging.

Oh and to anyone reading, If you think the reviews here are slanderous and designed to harm businesses, they are not but unfortunately thats inevitable if a dating website owner provides a shoddy or dodgy service. These are just honest consumer reviews of personal experiences designed to help and prevent users from being ripped off or having a bad experience. Unfortunately most users that visit this website are victims of many various types of dating website fraud or have generally had a bad experience with a website. Why not perform an investigation of your own and create an account on any of the websites listed and draw your own conclusion? If your a business owner and your site is listed here, only email me if your prepared to have your email content displayed on this website, afterall what do you have to hide, you can always comment and share your views?

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Date added: Wednesday 05 January 2011

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Well I have never heard of Shagbook but am receiving emails from girls who are,
they are saying that they got my details from the site and want to chat.
This site has to be a scam if they are giving out contact details of a person who doesn't exist on their site
I am going to contact them and let them know that they have to remove my details now or will take it further

User Rating: 4/5

Date added: Wednesday 19 February 2020 23:10:49
I used Shagbook about ten years ago and got really lucky! Met a absolutely gorgeous woman 18 years younger than me and we ended up living together and had lots of naughty fun. I should have bought a lottery ticket that day :)

Having tried lots of different sites, the moral of the story is that you can get lucky, but be prepared to work really hard to separate the fake and those who would be at home in Jeremy Kyle's Green Room.
Not rated!
Date added: Saturday 15 June 2019 16:05:39
Yes I can say I met one really person and we have become good friends but it's a lot of crap trying to talk to real people when as it cam girls etc but this is life try it or don't try it just make sure you don't spend to much

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 02 September 2017 08:10:15
This site is a rip off they rely on people being afraid of going to their credit card company's, when they renew your membership with out your permission.
I had my cash returned after I told them I were reporting them for fraudulently changing my account back to renew, after I had canceled it, I took a screen shot of the page before I logged out that day and one next morning showing it reactivated.
General profiles 30 to 39 always looking for a soul mate, not into having sex, always single, always never had children, age does not matter, always want to know if your single, do you have kids, they always live in the UK, Europe, and USA, but have had a tragedy, father, or mother or both died and had to go live in West Africa, Ghana, but beware they leave if a number starts +233 it is Ghana if it is +234 it is Nigeria and always give you their yahoo account address or ask for yours.
If you can keep one on the site which is rear, if you refuse to give them your account they claim you are playing games, and tell you they are not interested.
The second is the number of girls that want cam action to get you to a cam site. Then you have the the who lives in the same town as you and agrees to meet, either by going to a cam site and joining, or asks you to get a card to prove your not a raving maniac,
Most other profiles you never see them on line, they have hundreds on line but it is always the same woman on the on line page now, and the meet today page is normally no pictures and it is rare that they reply. luckily I only took out a months subscription, I have found a profile of a ex girl friend who,s photograph shows her when she were 35 she is now 50 and when I informed her she checked it out, emailed them told them she were taking court action, it has now been removed.
It is a site that is a total scam like the rest of their sites same woman

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 08 August 2013 15:48:00
Hi fella's, I figured out its all one company that's behind all these scams, yes I use the word scam, it's a company called white label dating, they scam lads from shagbook, myfunbuddy etc etc, I've notice the same fake profiles/girls on across all these sites, yes I got had off on my fun buddy

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 13 July 2013 05:03:00
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