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Is this another scam site? Anyone had experience of Wifebanger?

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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Friday 20 September 2013

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Yep its fake...i too spent 10 and requested girl email or text me as cheaper..all decline and wanted to continue yexting on thr site at more than £1 per msg!! Not rated!
Date added: Friday 09 November 2018 06:47:49
I sussed it was a scam when I contacted a friend I have known for many years. She knew nothing of me. I spoke to the friend and she was shocked that her picture was being used. Not rated!
Date added: Saturday 02 June 2018 15:29:02
This wifebanger site is a scam. No one here is real. The photos are fake to start with and so they just make you think the person is round the corner. The background to pics are totally unrecognisable so could be from anywhere. No one you chat to hints where they are or even prompt they fancy to meet or talk offline. Email locations can be traced. Phone numbers can give an indication where the call is coming from or do mobile tracing. No one wants to meet and they are all single but the site is called "wifebangers" so the whole thing is a scam. I spent £10 and this place is a joke. The only one make money is the site owner who charges £1 for each message and really they must think everyone is stupid. If the photos are fake then the rest is too. The women never give any information like say where they work; the job they do; what their favourite colour is or what they like in bed - zero. Can you think there are women out there will pay £1 to send you two lines like " please tell me about you?" Here is £1 credit i spent with no expectation of a reply. Ten messages with no replies means you just lost a good meal at a restaurant. Fake all fake . Stay away and plz do not bang these wives - its a man and he sits by his swimming pool strealing your money. Not rated!
Date added: Tuesday 27 February 2018 03:37:41
This site is a complete scam but for all that quite well run. Took me in first but bailed out very quickly before losing only a small amount. As other reviewers say none of the 'women' will use other communication and when you suggest such, they start to defend the site payment policy. As they say revenge is best served cold and I will have my day with them.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 21 January 2018 00:03:20
I thought I was pretty good at avoiding scams, but this is definitely one. Unfortunately it took me £3-400 of of credit purchases to work it out! They get you to buy message credits, & all the 'girls' you message respond. So you buy more to keep chatting. But they don't want to meet, all being 'busy', or 'wanting to get to know you a bit more first'. I started with 9 contacts, & whittled it down to 3. Then, after a lot of chatting, I started to get a feeling that it wasn't right. Now, with fresh eyes, I can even see when the people responding have changed shifts, because the language & grammar changes! It's a very clever scam, which has taken some setting up, & which no-one will complain about because of potential embarrassment. In some ways I can admire what they've done, & they're making a lot of easy money. Not rated!
Date added: Monday 12 June 2017 12:36:33
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