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Beware, this site is a scam, you get loads of mail from "girls" who can't wait to meet you, (despite no photo and hardly any description) and of course in order to reply you need to buy credits, total scam none of the mails are genuine

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Date added: Saturday 20 October 2012

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Complete scam and waste of money the only fuck you will get is them with your money cheaper going to a real prostitute Not rated!
Date added: Tuesday 28 May 2019 02:17:33
My confidence in humanity has taken a bit of a beating. I feel like a fool, its not losing the money as such, its feeling so stupid and foolish to be taken in by something, that is now so clearly a complete and utter con. None of these so called ladies are real, they chat with you, and never ever want to move onto real email or exchange numbers. What sane person would want to stay on a site that costs £1 a text??? A scammer, thats what. Avoid this garbage site like the Black Death. You might as well put your banknotes though a shredder. This site really needs to be reported to the police and the fraud office. Maybe it will be me who is brave enough to do so.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 10 March 2019 18:19:09
Spoke to about 30 different women none ever wanted to meet up ....always had an excuse. Problems with profile that i couldnt alter. Emailed the Contact Us several times over various issues never got a is a rip off stay clear...hopefully one day someone will remove them from the internet.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 06 March 2019 22:55:25
I have used LonelyMilf in September and October 2018 with the following results

1. Every one of the 6 women I have texted will never want to meet or to message off the site. They act dumb and keep asking stupid things that show they are not real.
2..The search results for profiles in any area are exactly the same for two months. They appear in exactly the same order, same photos and same ads. No updates, no new members, and women who want 'sex today' want "to exchange a few messages" before they can meet. Two weeks ago I wrote to the website asking them why its like that and if their website is a scam and have not got a reply.
3. I suggested texting on Kik to all of these women (you only need a username on KIK and dont need to give your personal details like email or phone number) but they say they 'feel safer' staying on the site even if it costs more than £1.38 per text message.
4. I suggested to two of the women that some profiles were fake or the 'members' were employed by the site to keep people messaging endlessly and they both replied vehemently defending the site. The most glaring observation was they used exactly the samd text to defend the site a d clearly were defending their scam business.
5. Every search any time any day tells you that there are the same number of users online.

Its definitely a scam and you will never meet anyone off that site. Its a fraud that needs to be reported to police. I am trying to find out how I can do that and if and when I do I will certainly report with copies of my message exchanges. I am also going to report them to media who have money to verify all this beyond doubt.

Not rated!
Date added: Friday 02 November 2018 05:51:04
Total scam made contact with someone on this site last week and she asked alot of questions like what are you doing /where are you now,when I replied she didn't seem to know the place which would be 7miles from the town she was supposed to live in, when I challenged her to ask if she was a fake profile she denied it /got a little annoyed but still wanted to keep me sending messages and using my credits.don't know how much they get paid for this CON but probably tops up the wages from answering the phone in a taxi depot/Chinese take away .SCUM

User Rating: 4/5

Date added: Monday 20 August 2018 11:52:31
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