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Beware, this site is a scam, you get loads of mail from "girls" who can't wait to meet you, (despite no photo and hardly any description) and of course in order to reply you need to buy credits, total scam none of the mails are genuine

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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Saturday 20 October 2012

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This is a total scam, no girl will meet with, will never use your mobile number to contact, will only chat on the site, will announce there need to be fucked by you but never meet up... What a scam.... Totally a waste of money, never even sign up!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 20 June 2020 11:18:01
Lonely i feel so stupid ive been taken in by this garrbadge spent £80 but soon realised its a con fake profiles and fake people. and there must be thousands of people taking in by this.mugs like me why are they allowed to do this they pray on people who are lonely there should be a reveiw of all these sites and something should be done.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 21 March 2020 07:41:47
lonely milf is definitely a scam.shouldnt be allowed but as no one is policing these type of sites they get away with it.they could make more money if genuine Not rated!
Date added: Thursday 09 January 2020 08:32:26
This is a complete scam. You will know the people you are chatting are not real by the stupid and annoying questions they ask you. This website is stupid, this is not the way to make money. I only spent £30 to discover they are a scam. They could be genuine and charge a lot more and remain in business than scamming people for peanuts., you are just cheap stupid, you will never make money like this, first 10 mins and a few quids on your website and the whole world will know you are a scam. People are not stupid, you are.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Friday 30 August 2019 19:33:25
Complete scam and waste of money the only fuck you will get is them with your money cheaper going to a real prostitute Not rated!
Date added: Tuesday 28 May 2019 02:17:33
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