Archives by A-Z / is advertised as a casual dating website, but infact it is blatantly yet another website scam which uses fake profiles to get men to sign up as a paying member.

Have you ever heard the saying "If something is too good to be true then it usually isn't true!". My point exactly!
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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Friday 25 December 2009

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Yes. is a Scam. I Registered and got a whole bunch of messeges from Women on this site. Then I paid 1 month fee so I could read the messages but when I opened them the messages were just Rubbish. Things like "How is your day" or "Roses are red" No introduction from the sender and really no message worth reading. My sister tried the website. Its Free for women but even that sucks ! After 24hrs her account had been De-activated and couldn't sign in anymore. Her friend tried it and the same happened and then another friend tried it and again within 24hrs her account had been De-activated. So much for women having free use of the site ! Any messages you send never get a reply. Its a scam to get your money with Fake Profiles !!

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 11 April 2010 21:57:00

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