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benaughty is well advertised as a casual dating website with very tempting adverts that trick the user into joining, but it is infact blatantly yet another dating website scam which uses fake profiles to encourage men to sign up as a paying member. I believe it is totally free for women to join though.

In the UK, through experience benaughty has more fake profiles than any other online dating website site I have ever encountered. Have you ever been checked out by beautiful women with "too good to be true pictures" who also leave you very kinky messages, even though you don't even have a picture and you also notice that their location changes often?

Come on, lets face it, benaughty is a

total scam as beautiful models do not contact the average Joe on the first day of joining, let alone people that don't even have a picture!

Googling "benaughty scam" also shows that a lot of people are very unhappy by benaughty's unscrupulous business tactics.
Conclusion: be naughty seems to be a total dating scam.
Have you ever heard the saying "If something is too good to be true then it usually isn't true!". My point exactly!
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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Wednesday 09 December 2009

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I'm a little confused as to why people are signing up. You can access, reply and create new messages and chats via your mobile phone for free, even as a bloke...

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 25 February 2010 19:37:00
Total unadulterated rip off. Be careful if subscribing because I found to my cost that it is a nightmare trying to cancel and subsequently you are rebilled without being aware of it.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 18 February 2010 03:27:00
Cool site, only you have to look around and be careful with scammers ( who don`t have them??? )

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Monday 15 February 2010 11:41:00
I have found my true love on this website,we clicked straight away and we are going to be happy for the rest of our lives.I do want to say that if you are looking for true love, then don't lie in your profile. Be honest, then you will have success. I also would love to say, that I hope, everyone who is on this site finds, what they are looking for.

User Rating: 4/5

Date added: Monday 08 February 2010 08:48:00
ahh yes but it's easy(er) for the women, they just have to agree and they get the attention. we have to do all the hard work with the chasing and the flirting and the begging (or is that just me). Especially if like me, your not a looker ( well im not butt ugly at least) and are in that limbo age of 41 - 45 where the younger women find you too old and the older women just want the younger guys.

It's so hard to get replies from woman here as their must be a 70 / 30 spread of men to women (genuine women that is i dont count the 22 - 24 cam and scam girls that litter this site), although since i got creative with my profile, ive had a lot of interest, and the girly's on the forum are all genuine and a good laugh.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 23 January 2010 19:30:00
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