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benaughty is well advertised as a casual dating website with very tempting adverts that trick the user into joining, but it is infact blatantly yet another dating website scam which uses fake profiles to encourage men to sign up as a paying member. I believe it is totally free for women to join though.

In the UK, through experience benaughty has more fake profiles than any other online dating website site I have ever encountered. Have you ever been checked out by beautiful women with "too good to be true pictures" who also leave you very kinky messages, even though you don't even have a picture and you also notice that their location changes often?

Come on, lets face it, benaughty is a

total scam as beautiful models do not contact the average Joe on the first day of joining, let alone people that don't even have a picture!

Googling "benaughty scam" also shows that a lot of people are very unhappy by benaughty's unscrupulous business tactics.
Conclusion: be naughty seems to be a total dating scam.
Have you ever heard the saying "If something is too good to be true then it usually isn't true!". My point exactly!
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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Wednesday 09 December 2009

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There is 100's of fake pages. Obviously no profile moderation.
The site is fake.
I have been on the site for three hours now and undeniable the site not monitored. Please don't waste your money or time here. If you're looking for a decent hookup site, try - so far the best casual dating website.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 10 February 2016 23:06:22
Do NOT take advantage of any supposed special offers, free offers are NOT free regardless of what they say. Under NO circumstances give these crooks any card details, they will drain it dry before you realise you have been scammed. Any positive comments you may see praising these crooks are posted by the site themselves. They are now doing tv ads to draw in as many mugs as possible, dont be one of them!! If you have already been scammed by them complain to your card company and trading standards, dont let them get away with it.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 26 January 2013 06:22:00
I registered free with be naughty without picture and in 5 days must have had at least 25 messages from be naughty that I have been mailed by ( very sexy and hot model type) members who were waiting for a response all I needed to do was PAY subscription. All sounded. Bit iffy to be honest did some research and found this site and glad never joined. It seems like a scam 25 messages from models with an incomplete profile and no pic, imagine what would happen if I put me pic up lol avoid avoid avoid.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 10 January 2013 16:30:00
It wasn't that bad. I had three dates from the website. One was actually really cute but went back to portugal when her degree was done. One was about 15 years older than her profile pic (shudder) and the other I still see.
We've been together for 11 months now...
But on the whole its pretty much like all the other sites that ive used. Just sign up, leave your account dormant for months until you get a REALLY good offer, then pay up and play.
Yes, there are a lot of fake profiles. But they're everywhere else too.

User Rating: 3/5

Date added: Friday 14 December 2012 04:04:00
Benaughty, cupid, girls date for free and flirt are all the same business, it's a fraud, I have seen a few comments here about be naughty working, there phony, sent in from be naughty. you get messages telling someone is online to chat, you go to that page and there offline? the only ones you seem to chat to are credit card scammers and web cam hookers, funny that, they are probably be naughty, watch out for these assholes, you also get messages on the other sites from girls that contacted you on be naughty but don't respond again until you pay, wankers, I feel sorry for the photo's that have been ripped off.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 08 January 2012 02:43:00
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