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I'm absolutely sure I talked to two imaginary people there. Their profile pictures were from other websites and for the first person, we arranged to meet up six times but still didn't. It was instead a way for me to waste money chatting on the site... and I got roundly told off for that

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User Rating: 1/5
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Date added: Friday 15 February 2013

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Author: is heavily infested with frauds and scammers. The site is a big scam itself, trying to suck money out of you every time you turn around.
What is the worst is that although they claim that you can delete your account and they will destroy everything in your profile there is no way that I have discovered to do that. I cannot even manage to get myself kicked off the bloody site. I've been to a number of really bad on-line dating sites but even the worst did allow me to delete my profile, or at least disable it. is pretty much the worst of a bad lot.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Friday 15 November 2013 03:30:00
This website occasionally gives out free credits to their users. This happened very recently to me, here's what happened:

(me) [2013-02-28 19:32:27]
i've had enough of scammers. If you want to prove otherwise, join me on skype, I am shawnno1ex. I shall be waiting...
Michelle- [2013-02-28 20:28:19]
what scammers? what do you mean?
-Michelle- [2013-02-28 20:59:39]
reply me Shawm?
(me) [2013-02-28 21:08:11]
This is my last message, you african conner. It appears you ask questions to tempt me to reply, and spend on this site, while you never do any of my favours that i ask of you. I hope you enjoyed the 265 pounds i gave you through this fake website. If you want more, go find some other dumbass account. Or,if you want to prove you are not fake, go do what i have already asked you to do. why would a real person want me to spend anymore on this site anyway? if you don't follow, i will put an end to our relationship, not that we ever had one in the first place...
-Michelle- [2013-02-28 21:17:09]
what do you mean hun?
-Michelle- [2013-02-28 21:49:42]
hello... u there to talk?
-Michelle- [2013-02-28 23:25:26]
send me a txt okay when toy uare they
-Michelle- [2013-03-01 17:27:43]
so you not coming here at all?
-Michelle- [2013-03-02 17:32:45]
why have u not been replying.... ivw been waiting for u

As you can see, I submitted a really long message via text and "-Michelle-" appears to ignore it. She continues to message me by short messages when in reality she is a crook waiting for my money.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Sunday 03 March 2013 00:54:00

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