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Another one of these pay as you message...a pound a message...always get a positive response from ladies from 18 to 80, encouraging you to engage in further conversations and after many messages they find reasons not to meet, at least for now.....of course they won´t keep in touch by email, msn etc.....really bad.....and when your credit runs out you get loads of messages!

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Date added: Sunday 02 December 2012

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Similar experience to the above. Some of the "ladies" are very very astute and can seem very genuine. Others were also on

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Date added: Saturday 30 July 2016 10:31:11
I should had known better! Yes a complete scam. One "lady" who said she lived local made all the right noises but would only converse on the site. A very clever con actually! They play on men's sexual desires, probably many like me was looking for a bit on the I going to make a big fuss? No, just accept I was a fool and chucked a good 9.99 away. Oh well we live and learn. BUT these scum bags should go to jail! Are there any GENUINE sex contact sites out there?

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Date added: Monday 25 July 2016 11:18:36
Was speaking to a lady on this site for about 2 months never wanted to meet exchange contact details
just wanted to stay on the site needed more time to feel safe what a load of BS turns out her picture had a date stamp it was 10 years asked her to upload another picture didnt have any ? web site is a complete con

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Date added: Monday 30 May 2016 20:55:32
Wish I'd read this before dropping £9.99 on a 7 message bundle, what a con! I googled the girl's profile name and it came back with about 20 identical sites with similarly provocative URLs, identical profile on each one. At least I didn't spend more, I guess, but even so, it's wrong to prey on people like this.

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Date added: Friday 25 March 2016 00:56:34
I talked to one woman for a year and she had no enthusiasm to meet considering the site is called casual sex contacts none of the above is true. Its not casual sex its a penpals site, and the contacts arent genuine on the whole. I have talked to many since and they only want messages on this site and not a free alternative............not logical is it?, and not fair to con men for cash either. I got through a couple of hundred quid in the last 2 yrs for nowt but a waste of my time and effort and money.........but no more!!

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Date added: Monday 18 January 2016 21:42:42
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