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Heres another website ran by global personals. I think it might be a scam

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Date added: Friday 16 November 2012

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I have failed to me any sort of contact with anyone bar one lady who Im simply friends with on this site except a scammer who within a week took us off site, I should not have agreed to that . Having finally sorted out that it was a scam, the photo the scammer was using kept changing however during the scam they gave me an assortment of photos so I was able to determine from any new photos on the site which were from, or of the scammer. Support removed the scammer twice but not the third time, I have reported this photo twice to no avail. Its so obvious not only from the photo but from the profile. And they certainly don't live in Aberdeen.
I have reported at least 3 other ladies who were removed. They give an adress in the Uk then go off site and lo and behold they live abroad.
Guys if a lady purporting to be Yvette, aged around 49 to 51 slim or petite, divorced , one child , light brown or dark/light blond short hair contacts you probably with a wink , she is currently purporting to be in the Aberdeen area. leave well alone. ITS A SCAM. And the site are doing nothing about it. They have been reported the Action Fraud, the Police Scam department. If this Yvette changes anything or moves I will update this site. Ive been looking for a site like this. Aassociated names with this scam were Mr Osei and Mr Thayder.
A friend on this site has also found a large number of scammers.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Wednesday 26 April 2017 13:56:28
Im glad I read this before signing up full time. The site used a free messaging service to get you hooked. I started to engage with two girls one in London and one in Edinburgh and the next day their accounts had been deactivated. I have now deleted the account.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Tuesday 25 April 2017 09:16:07
seems to be an quite a large amount of scammers on here... left feeling tired and cheated not only by them but site... hate being bombarded by people who have not even viewed me never mind message me.
they some time are inactive or show surprise when you reply to them

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Saturday 20 August 2016 18:12:35
Yes, this site definitely feels like a scam.
It didn't add up for me.

How can matches make contact with your profile, but not appear in your "Who's viewed me".
They also use tricks by send out messages from supposed matched, but when you try and contact back, their profile has been deleted. All in a matter of minutes.
Why would a real person send out a message then delete their profile if they were real.
I think trading standards should get involved.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Tuesday 26 April 2016 13:35:35
Stay very clear of this web site. I was on for 2 weeks when I came off. It's a complete scam and I would say about 95% are fake profile. Most of the profile are classic give away kids, earning lots of money ect. Same old faces without no contact unless they want to scam standards should shut it down. Go on another site if you want to join a dating site and stay away from this greedy scam.

User Rating: 1/5

Date added: Thursday 14 April 2016 20:48:33
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