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Ashley Madison is touted as the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters and advertises on it's website that is featured in The Times, BBC News, Reuters and in The Telegraph. It is a dating site that connects married men and women together, in secret. Although morally wrong, I also reckon it has fake profiles etc too.

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Date added: Monday 12 November 2012

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I had 4 women contacting me from abroad in 2 months. 4 out of 4 were scam attempts, pretending to love me even if we never met in person. They all have the same pattern.
1) They befriend you
2) They compliment you
3) They say they want to meet you in person, but they can't afford the travel expenses
4) They pretend they are really in love with you, even if one them was the age of my daughter.
5) They ask you to send them money via Western Union to a faraway country abroad.
6) Their profile says they live in the UK, but they tell you they are temporarily in another country.
Thanks god I am very cautious and streetwise, as some are really convincing. None of them could fool me so far, but be aware if you are the romantic, easy to fall in love type. Think with your brain, not with your heart, or worse with your penis.

User Rating: 2/5

Date added: Sunday 30 October 2016 19:23:47
I found nothing but fakes on this website- 2 or 3 possible contacts local to me. I was inundated with winks to message back from all over the world especially from the USA or to collect messages .. all to generate me using up credits. All those I did contact were trying to get to sign up to another website . so I got a "safety passport " or similar.

User Rating: 2/5

Date added: Sunday 31 July 2016 22:45:13

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