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I am still in correspondence with this scammer from plent of fish who said he is from West Yorkshire but I have traced his emails and they are originating from Ghana and routed through Corona in California. He is supposed to be working for Government agencies in security & defence and is currently in Israel. I have been in contact for about 6 months but believe he is about to ask me for money as he said he is due to fly home at the end of this month. I have lots of photos and have kept his emails but unfortunately a lot has been on MSN chat at his suggestion.

The scammers details are: Dickson Krause -

Kind regards


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Date added: Tuesday 06 November 2012

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This is called a classic romance scam, I'm pleased you knew straightaway this is a scam as these people are unscrupolous and usually Nigerian in origin. Did you know in Nigeria they are actually taught how to scam people?

I myself, when single had a browse though the yahoo chat rooms, this is rife with Nigerian romance scammers.

For instance, I had one chat to me, sending me a beautiful picture of herself wearing a flower in her hair, she looked like a model, I could'nt believe my luck at first, but thought to myself, hang on, this aint right! I'm not bad looking but this is too good to be true! But she looked like she was a model. However the actual person pretending to be her stole that picture from some modelling website and posed as her.

I knew it was a scam as soon as the usual story line was given that she was working in Africa working with and helping starving children but was due back in the UK soon to hopefully meet, but she had a major dilemna... She had worked hard and had a cheque to cash, but couldn't cash it in Nigeria due to their banks! Instead she asked that she needed me to cash it and it was a huge sum of money, $3800. She asked and said that in return for the favour that she would send it to me and I could take 40% of it as long as I would sent the rest back via Western Union ASAP, as she was desperate. I knew this was crap!

Before this "she" also asked me for a mobile phone as hers didn't work anymore. This is all a well known scam, firstly after chatting for sometime, they will always ask you for small gifts to see how gullible you are, then sting you with a sob story based on your own greed, hence the cheque... If I'd of cashed it, I'd of been liable by the bank when I'd cashed it, therefore I'd be arrested and owe the bank $3800(or pounds or whatever) by the time it bounced or was known to be fraudulent!

This is a classic romance scam, but in truth, this is just some Nigerian lad or lass sat in an internet cafe scamming gullible westerners, the sad thing is, it actually works!

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Date added: Thursday 15 November 2012 08:40:00
This scammer has now changed. It's obvious that a different person has taken over sending the messages, they arrive at a different time, they sign off differently and the grammar is a lot different too. If anyone needs any photographs please leave your details so I can send them to you.

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Date added: Wednesday 07 November 2012 15:06:00
I'm still in contact with this person as I feel he's just about to ask me for something. He told me this morning that he's just been given some valuable gifts from Arab royalty to thank him for his valued work but he hasn't done his homework very well because as he's still supposed to be in Jerusalem, there is no Arab royalty living there.

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Date added: Wednesday 07 November 2012 00:25:00

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