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Dating Tips

Dating Tips

Dating Online is now becoming more popular every day. Being an online dating cupid is easy. The majority of online dating websites use sophisticated matchmaking systems that make it possible to match almost every quirk between daters you can imagine. However you must be careful and be aware that unfortunately various scams do exist, even on legitimate online dating websites.

Be safe, be smart!

Completely Free dating sites
  • Before joining a dating site always Google the website name and the keyword “scam” after and check out other peoples experiences of that dating site as this will give a basic idea of the quality of the website.
  • Never send money to anyone you don’t know, especially someone you have never physically met. (This generally relates to the Romance Scam)
  • If you suspect any of the above happening on a legitimate website such as POF for example, then report the offending profile straight away, generally, there is usually a “report profile” button or a contact address for the website administrator somewhere.
  • You can usually tell a scammer by their lack of knowledge of the area that they say they are from, excuses not to meet and some cock and bull story about working in a orphanage or oil rig in the Middle East.
  • If you live in a rural town and you see “Bay Watch” style Californian Cosmetic Models that are tanned, but where you live it is cold, wet and dull, then it’s a scammer!

To summarise, you just need to use common sense, I recommend to anyone, it is free and easy to use. Most of all it is a genuine website. However the site due to the fact it is free, does attract weirdo’s in both male and female form.

The golden rules of online dating

Online dating has exploded in popularity in recent years. As our lives get more chaotic and eventful, and the Internet has become more popular, it is always easier to meet new people online rather than a super market. Online Dating makes meeting and identifying with similar people who share your interests easier, they are more likely to correspond to the profile of the person you are looking for before the first contact. Chances are, that the type of connection you require is very realistic, and many long-term relationships and marriages have began by online dating services, not to mention casual relationships, if you prefer that kind of thing.

The chances are they are plenty of potential dates there waiting for you, but there are some important rules that you need to know and follow in your quest for your perfect online date.

Read to learn the golden rules of online dating – 5 essential rules to find the perfect online dating!

Rule # 1: Play it safe

Online dating is a great way to meet new potential interests, love and the kind of people you want to learn more about, but at the same time, there are risks, like most things in life. Before you decide to join an online dating website, there are some precautions to take note of.

First, make sure your computer is properly protected. Download an antivirus software, a firewall and make sure you have protection against malware installed. There’s plenty of free versions of all those applications available to help you stay safe. With these applications in place you’ll have a much lower risk of unpleasant surprises downloaded to your computer when you begin your search for online dating sites and exchanging emails with potential dates.

When you reach the point of interaction with other people online, do not give out unnecessary personal information. Nobody online needs your address, information about your work, know your full name and other information of this kind. You can give access your personal information, if you actually meet a person and are then confident you feel they are normal and trustworthy. Before that date, to protect your personal data and to focus on the type of exchange like light hearted banter to help you decide if you want more.

For men, be very cautious of people that express an unusual interest about marriage from the beginning that become apparent in their interactions. Also those that demand gifts from you, or money. If you start to feel pressurised. Back out of this type of interaction and consider the possibility of a new online dating service or move on to the next potential date. Dating should be fun and free of any sort of pressure and if you follow the golden rules, it is.

For women, don’t let anyone make you feel any kind of undesirable pressure whatsoever about things that do not meet your requirements, and only meet in a place that you feel comfortable with to talk. The first time you meet someone online, make sure you meet while in the middle of the day, and only in a public place until you feel comfortable with someone you trust. For the first two dates offline, organise, call a friend immediately after meeting, so you have someone looking after you.

Keep these considerations in mind, a good amount of exercising caution and common sense, and you can find the online dating experience safe and wonderful.

Rule # 2: Carefully choose the right site for you

Online dating has grown massively in recent years, and the number of options in online dating sites is enormous. To get in touch with the kind of people are right for you, it is important to start by finding the kind of online dating site that suits what your looking for.

There are a number of questions for you to consider that will help you make the right decision.

A. How much do you need to spend?
There are both free and paid online dating services, and prices vary on sites that offer different features. In general, free sites are far from ideal, because you far less protected by the site administrators, and a greater number of “unsavory types” use them. However POF is a good one from experience. If money is a real problem and you feel the need to use available free sites, you must remember the precautions in “Rule 1”.

What are the features that you want to access?
Paid sites offer different features, such as chat, instant messaging, advanced profile search, and so on, and you’ll be able to access different functions for different prices. Compare sites to give you an idea about getting the best value for money, and look for features that you are interested in using.

Would you prefer to use a dating site that is specific to people with certain interests and / or religion?
There are a number of websites. Among certain groups of interests and passions, and the various religions. If individual interests and / or religion is very important to you, you might consider online dating services of this type.

What levels of privacy and security do you want?
Some online dating sites allow you to hide your profile. Some online dating sites allow you to restrict your information such as your profile picture so only yourself can see it. Some sites also complete background checks of its members, family status verification, age, etc.. Decide how much you want to restrict and select a site accordingly.

Friends who recommend their friends, family and colleagues.
If you know someone who is a veteran of online dating, there’s nothing better than to hear a first-hand experience. So you can find out any indication of the quality of services of specific sites and user experiences shared. Another method is to google that website first and see if theres user complaints or reviews about the dating website.

Rule # 3: Write a great profile, with a large photo.

Once you find the dating site that best suits you, it is time to start. The first thing to do is to write a good profile, with a large picture of yourself. In the world of online dating profile, it is your introduction and first impression what counts. Make sure it reflects what you are and what you are looking for in a date.

Think about what matters most to you. Be honest. Describe things you like and what you don’t. On a date with someone who does not like the things you like, you may find you’ve wasted precious time and may not get along. Talk about the things that are most important to you right at the start, so you appear the kind of person you described you were is correct from the beginning.

Try to get your personality across. Imagine you are writing for the first time to someone you have met in real life, and say what you want to say – this is your chance to avoid the pitfalls and make sure to say exactly what you really want.

Find a nice picture of yourself that reflects your personality best. Your photo counts first, no-one wants a blind date. You are much more likely to recieve messages if you have an up to date clear profile picture. Pick a good one which stands out.

Rule 4: Take your time

Now you’re all set and ready to begin your search for potential dates, do not forget that this is not a race or a competition. No point in haste. Sit back and slowly start to casually surf through your online dating site of choice.

No need to take risks, you can expect to see a profile that you are really interested and you find yourself thinking, “Wow, this person seems nice!”. You have all the time in the world. So take it easy.

Rule # 5: honesty, honesty, honesty

If you find someone who you like, and you want to know more about them, remember sincerity and honesty is important. This means that you do not unintentionally mislead the other person, and do not be afraid to be clear about who you are as a person.

Do not overestimate or underestimate the things about them, or brag about things or exaggerate about, things such as salaries, status, age, etc.. No healthy relationship has never been based on anything other than full honesty. You need to be truthful to the other person from the very beginning. Compliance with this rule is so easy. Just be yourself.

Do not be afraid to be clear about the things that are important to you. This is one of the many benefits to find a partner online – the ability to break the ice easily, without fear. Online dating can save time and headaches.

Be open and honest, use a good profile picture of yourself and you’ll always have a great time, much quicker. Just be careful and wary of other users who are not what you are looking for.


Once you’ve started talking with potential dates, keep the golden rules in the forefront of your mind. Remember to always play it safe and protected while talking to people and organising meets. Take your time and do not rush into real life meetings. If you decide to meet someone for a date, take your time and be careful, do not rush into a new relationship. Continue to be honest, to listen carefully and be clear about the things that are important to you.

Follow these golden rules of online dating and the perfect partner is just around the corner!

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