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I just received this message to my mobile phone and have no idea of why, as I did not sign up to this mobile dating site or any other! Please follow this link to verify your mo…

Date added: Tuesday 19 April 2016

Comments: 1 is a scam site too. Is this the UK equivilent of known as the facebook of sex.…

Date added: Friday 09 November 2012

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Another con site, there seems to be many variations of these dating sites.…

Date added: Friday 09 November 2012

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Heres another fuckbook dating site. This one caters for the USA. I think its a scam, what do you think?…

Date added: Friday 09 November 2012

Comments: 0 forget dinner scam Hi! Please be aware of this web page is a total con. I have got MUCH more success in free webpages. They use your profile to send fake mails and spam to you or…

Date added: Wednesday 17 October 2012

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